my pitas page

Welcome to my Little piece of web space heaven... It seriously isn't much except for me to flaunt all about myself. It's just a bunch of stuff jumbled all together... like links for all the places I go when I'm bored, things I got to say, a few pictures here and there and just other random shizz... take a look around if you like what you see, tell me!! enjoy your visit and come back ya hear!
, jAde


blah blah blah... I really wish I had more to update but I did a few itty bitty things here and there nothing too big... but yea stuff you won't notice. :) ||| Monday, September 29, 2003 ||| 10:11 a.m. |||

okee yay it's up UP and awaaYY!!! hehe... yea so like i'm all done... I love doing something and feeling really umm... accomplished haha. yea I think it look nice minus the fact that angelfire fucke it up at the top... but it's all good i'll forgive them ... haha. :-) i'll add more later! ||| Monday, September 22, 2003 ||| 08:29 p.m. |||

so I finally decided to make a new layout and update.. can we say OHH MY???? hehe... I'm not totally done with all my updates. but so far it's just a "new look". ||| Monday, September 22, 2003 ||| 04:07 a.m. |||

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